General information

Türi, one of the greenest areas in Estonia, is situated in the middle of Estonia, on the shores of the river Pärnu. Türi is a peaceful and hospitable parish.
The centre of Türi parish Türi town was given the rights of a town on the 2nd of July 1926. Türi is known as a garden–town: 1/3 of the territory has been covered by green open spaces. Walking through Türi You will see well-kept gardens with rich selection of plants.
Tidiness and beauty of the town has been achieved thanks to citizens themselves, a half of whom live in detached houses. People in Türi honor the handicraft and amateur art activities.
A nice artificial lake or a canoe trip on the Pärnu river for holidaymakers, beautiful home gardens and well-tended avenues for aesthetic pleasure, cultural and sports events for entertainment.

State and area code +372 38
Türi Municipality Government (Kohtu tn 2, Türi linn, 72213, Türi vald, Järva maakond)  
                 + 372 384 8201,

Türi Tourist Information (Vabriku pst 11) 
             +372 385 311, 5303 3111,